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no comment
4.2.07 20:09


bin fürs weekend eigentlich als betreurein in wuppertal auf der nachbereitung....hab aba gleich tanzen...muss dann danach dahin düsen...morgen dann wieder nach ratingen zum training...dann wieder zurück ...balbla
naja...was tut man nich alles....
nächste woche is der contest...bin schon ein wenig aufgeregt
hab mir gestern ne neue uhr gekauft...juhuuuuuu
ahhh ich hab kopfschmerzen!!!
muss mich jetzt fertig machn
2.2.07 17:00

back again

well I thought it was time to write again

whats goin on in my life lately???
It's bee some time but I switched schools...I am now in essen werden....it's okay...miss my old friends...but I still see them quite often...not enough though
but I see my best friend everyday...and that was worth it...but the main reason for switching was art...kunst LK!!!!!!!!

Settled in pretty well...it's been really long since I've written...ya'll don't know bout my feelings bein back
I feel like I haven't been gone at all.It's just sooo awesome that my friends did not really change...and school is not as bad as I thought it was going to be....doin ok
havin a lazy-phase...just don't feel like doin my homework...well actually I usually do it in the morning...but getting up at 5:30 is not cool at all....

I am probably starting to work on my drivers license during easterbreak....with my thija honey....

Maria....from columbia is staying with us for a year...I can't believe it...she's comin in like 2 weeks...that must me so nerve-wrecking for her...I can remember how nervous I was..and how sad and excited at the same time.

tomorrow is the usual sleepover
kerstins spending thursday night at our house...tomorrow we are planning to drink cocktails( well I shouldn't drink more than one :-) ) and we want to paint...eat bruschettas and mozarella sticks...and the whirlpool so we can relax and be relaxed for the next morning...cause kerstin and I fight every friday morning....but that's fine...I believe that a friendship without some lil disagreements is not a true friendship...because I think that shows that u are not honest to each other...
maybe we'll go and buy a watch before all that stuff

last weekend NB...was a lot of fun.....don't feel like writing details...cause I have to write an email ;-)
31.1.07 22:49

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